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I am Lexi Lin, a motivated designer with end-to-end product design experiences. I believe that a great product eventually benefits its user should find its way at the intersection of beautifully crafted design experience, technology feasibility and business interests, while me as a designer should deeply engage in this process and contribute my knowledge of design and research.

I have been crafting digital experience since 2012. Apart from regular UX/UI design, I hold a passion for cross-platform design, in which I consider digital experience design as an eco-system. My past experience has shaped me as a fast learner and hyper team worker to process every problem at hand.

I also write and reflect on our design process and how it could transform values to businesses and industries. They are published on my Medium, uxdesign.cc, ACM library, and CNKI.


Master of Science, Design for Interaction | TU Delft

Professional Experience

Product Designer | WeTransfer | Amsterdam | 2018-2019
Interaction Designer | Cognizant Digital | Amsterdam | 2016-2018
User Experience Designer | Designit | Copenhagen | 2015
Interaction Design, Healthcare project | Philips Design | Eindhoven | 2014-2015


Excellence Scholarship | TU Delft | 2013
Crystal Cabin Award, Inflight Experience Design, Final Presentation | Hamburg Aviation | 2015
Red Dot Design Award, Finalist | Singapore | 2012
National Scholarship | Chinese Education Ministry | 2010, 2011, 2012


Graduation Thesis DUO, case study | Vision in Product Design: A Guidebook for Innovators
Design is not Design, thoughts on IxDA2018 | uxdesign.cc
“Wayfinding at Schiphol” — design considerations behind the world famous VI system and what inspires me as a UI designer | uxdesign.cc
How to train yourself for a product critique session — a UX case study | uxdesign.cc
Five Details for UX/UI Designer to Tackle Multidisciplines | uxdesign.cc
Using Web Design Framework to Support User Experience Design of Interactive Multi-functional Product | CHI 2016, San Jose, ACM

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