WeTransfer /downloads Page

Product iterations and UX concerns on WeTransfer /downloads page

With the release of Preview Feature on the desktop website, We started rethinking about the features that live on the mobile website. As the mobile version of the desktop website, there is no prominent difference of value propositions as eventually it is the same product we provide to the user on various platforms. However, as more research conducted, we aggregated insights to help us define the different user behaviours and patterns on mobile web compared with the current desktop version.

Three iterations with user researches were conducted.

Personal contribution: Data investigation; Strategy; User research; UX/UI design; Usability test

Team: Saga Lundqvist (Sr Product Designer); Luca De Rosso (Product Manager); and the rest of the TEx Team

07/2018 – 01/2019


Iteration1, review files on mobile website

Learning from other existing file transfer services, the biggest insight we got are that

Users turn to preview files or do some lightweight/quick file management on the go (on mobile).

Some quotes from our user research:
“when I receive something, I just wanna quickly check on my phone that they’re the right files.”
“Once I tried to download a massive Powerpoint file on my Dropbox App. After downloading for a long time, it shows me this error message that I cannot preview it on my mobile?”
“I will download or forward the files quickly to my colleagues if I am sure they are the right files.”

In the meanwhile, looking into the data, most file transfers are within five items. We decided to launch the first release without cap the number of preview files as a waterfall flow.


Moderated remote user research to understand user considerations of preview feature


. . .

Iteration2, design with technical and business concerns

Due to technical and business concerns, WeTransfer Preview currently cannot support previewing all kinds of file types. That means, users will be able to preview images and audio files, but cannot preview other file types like PDF, GIF, PPT, etc.

Apart from the common user needs on mobile website. We also wanted to guide the users to other platforms when their needs can be better served through our desktop website or mobile WeTransfer Collect App. Teaming up with the mobile App team, we started to think about how the user needs and up-sell guidance can live together better on the same page.

As the designer working on this, my main challenge is how to present the variations in better ways and provide relevant product up-sells for users to make choices and take easy actions.


Couple of examples of our design iterations towards the 2nd product release


. . .

Iteration3, providing more guidance for the user

After the 2nd product release, while aggregating quantitative data, quick Guerrilla tests at Cafes were conducted to observe users’ main frustrations and needs on the mobile /download pages. I listed out most significant insights to discuss and work together with the mobile App team to bring more clarification and target on users’ various needs.


Joint down insights and thoughts quickly on InVision Freehand for discussions

. . .

This project is still work-in-progress. Based on on-going user insights and quantitative data aggregated, further design iterations are till going on.